Sunday, March 29, 2009

One night in a Graveyard!!!!

The news spread like a wild fire.Peter was DEAD!!!!.I was stunned upon hearing the news.I would still remember his last words to me,"You always teased me and prank me with ghost.I hope one day you will face ghosts yourself.

I loved to scare other students especially girls with my ghost stories.I was known as'TAIKO'among my friends because i always told them my experience facing ghost and always bragged that ghosts would never make me scared.I would say that i loved to walk in the graveyard without fears as bold as brass.

On that Friday night,i walked alone in a narrow gloomy road.Robert,Peter's best friend invited me to a gathering as a tribute to Peter,our late classmate.Never been to Robert's house , i had to be guided by a map given by him.The sky was streaking with bright full moon.That night was so windy that it swept all the dried fallen leaves covering that road.I walked straight along it.

Suddenly,i heard a teribble laughter and my feet became heavy like something was chained on them.From a far,i could hear dog's bark.The trees waved to each other,producing rusting sound.It sent ripples spiraling from ankles to the nape of my neck.Of all sudden,i was shocked when i realised that i was in an old,abondoned graveyard.The clouds moved away,leaving the moon behind shining the tombs in front of me.The graveyard was surrounded with bushes.Some of the deceased's epitaphs were peeled off.A sense of fear swept over me.

Out of the blue,i heard a soft voice calling for help.My heart was pounding rapidly.I thought it might burst instde me.Then,a big shady tree caught my sight.I was quite sure the voice came from it.Horrified,i moved slowly towards the tree.Near to the free,was a very ancient tomb,written blurry word 'R.I.P'(Rest In Peace).Wind blew roughly and i shivered in cold from head to toe.While i was standing over there,a drop of red liquid fell on my face.I wiped it off and smelled it.It was blood!!!

I was startled and my hands trembled like a leaf.When i looked up,i was shocked to see a dark,slithered shape.I felt something fishy.It was a GHOST!!!I was nailed to the ground.That figure came closer to me and i started to scream in fear.So terrified,i peed in my own trousers and the world round me turned dark.

When i regained my consciousness on next morning,i was horibbly shocked when i realised that i was lying on Peter's grave.I regretted my mistake before towards him and promised to myself not to tease anyone ever again.NO more ghosts stories and pranks for my friends.Thank you..........

*First of all, i would says a lot of thank you to my beloved English Teacher,Miss Bestarinah for gave me the guidance in writing essay for spm2008...Because of that,i got A1 for the english..eventhough i weak in writing essay before..The story above was my Spm2008's essay..I hope u all enjoy while reading it...Thanks again teacher..I remember your good did to me forever...Bubbye!!


  1. tekejut gua,
    ingt lu tulis cite bersiri

  2. huiyo..siap rewrite lagi tuh..
    btw, gud essay..
    mmg deserve a1 tuhh..

  3. cter neyh boley ganti cter spa Q yg tah ape ape tu... tak pon impak maksima vs rempit...